Additional Features:



  •  Entire home is built from non-toxic lifetime materials, termite-resistant, natural woods.

  •  Water system is protected by a whole-house UV purification system.

  • All the windows and sliding glass doors are long-lasting almond vinyl, and have been treated with an Architectural coating to reflect UV rays and protect the home's interior.     

  •  Home is wired with 3 separate telephone lines, high-speed internet, and fax.

  •  Fireplace has switchable electric fans with installed vent system,
    to direct heated air into the Living Room and/or Master Bedroom vents. 


  •  Vertically Situated Storage Closets (upstairs and downstairs), designed for optional conversion to elevator or dumb-waiter.  

  •  Extra heavy-duty hidden construction features for high winds, intense storm conditions.  (Such weather is not usually encountered here, but this home was reinforced in many ways, as added comfort/security.)    Click here for some of the wind-load, earthquake & added strength specifics.



Handcrafted Stairway with inlaid Ipe hardwood and

custom-crafted, tri-wood inlaid, molded handrail, a simple, elegant work of art.


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