Home Entertainment
Internal  Audio / Video  System


Handcrafted, Solid African Mahogany
Audio / Video Media Console
is partially set in, built between two walls.

Designed around a 50" Plasma TV
with Mahogany bookshelves and Louvered cabinets
to house and organize your A/V Components, CD's, DVD's.


The interior of this area is wired to a central control box downstairs,
including Dish network, high-speed internet cable, music and video transfer units,
and out to sets of dual high-resonance speakers, installed in rooms throughout the house.


Enjoy high-quality, crystal-clear stereo sound, at any volume level you choose.

  Each room (upstairs and down) is wired with an individual sound and volume control, including 6 speaker for the living area.  Each room/area has 4 channels of sound selections.   One room may choose to listen to CD's, another to the TV or DVD sound track, another to internet radio  or playlist music, etc...  and each one with volume levels (or mute) for individual preference.

The Entertainment Console was designed with lovely handcrafted Mahogany Cabinet doors
on the back side, for easy access to changing or adjusting the connections of your A/V components.

(back side of A/V Entertainment Cabinet)

The home is wired with a high-speed wireless internet network,
and the bedrooms and office areas (upstairs and down) are also hard-wired for
direct (Cat-5) internet connectivity, besides multiple telephone lines.


~ Unlimited Video, Sound and Music Options ~

With the Roku SoundBridge and a Roku Video Player connected inside the entertainment center,
you can watch unlimited on-demand movies of your choice from Netflix,
and you can fill any areas of the house with internet radio,
custom music playlists from your Rhapsody
music service, play your own CD's, MP3's, etc.

More Areas & Features - Upstairs: