Glowing Evenings, Inside and Out...

Besides beautiful, conveniently placed alabaster sconce lights, there are
two tiers of dimmer-controlled lighting, hidden inside the ceiling eaves,
providing options of lovely, adjustable ambiance at night...


Natural wood floors and walls come aglow at night, and you can adjust down
for even softer effects, combining with specific area lights, wherever desired.    


Adjust the crystal-clear surround-sound music and energy-efficient lighting
for all kinds of entertaining, dancing, and at-home enjoyment.    


The master bedroom has similar adjustable mood lighting, for night-time options.


Other energy-efficient, soft lighting options throughout the house
create beautiful, warm effects during evening hours.


Glowing Evenings - Outside

Outdoors there is  propane installed underground,
plumbed out to 3 sets of Copper Tiki Torches,


for optional night-time outdoor lighting and ambiance.


More Areas & Features - Upstairs: