Solar & Wind Power

Living on Free Energy from the Sun and Wind

Insulated, Aluminum Solar-Electric Power Generation Shed
Wind-power Generator



Substantial, Fully Integrated, Solar-Electric System

Includes added support from our fresh, off-shore island winds  

...quietly generating additional free power during the darkness of night-times,
and during any daytime hours when Maui tradewinds are plentiful.


The electric-generation system for the property is nicely housed inside a spacious
insulated, Aluminum Power Generation Shed, equipped with good lighting, fans and ventilation. 
Fully sealed and securable with double doors.

This allows for efficient, extremely quiet operation, and convenient access
to panels, inverters and the diesel generator, if ever needed.

While there is rarely a need to go inside the generator shed, everything is arranged
for easy access, and there is underground electrical wiring up to the house
This connects with a nice digital display/control panel, and allows for easy
monitoring and controlling the generator with a single switch,
located inside the comfort of the house.

Here are some of the excellent components that are installed
inside the Power Generation Shed:


Green-Power, fully-integrated, electrical system includes state-of-the-art

Super quiet, Whisper-Watt 15kw diesel generator

Model DCA-15SPX4C


For manufacturer info and specs, click here:




Dual Trace Inverters by Xantrex Technologies

Model SW-4024



Large Bank of (20) Rolls Surrette L-16 Deep-Cell Solar Batteries


Rolls Surrette is considered to be the best of Long-Life, High Capacity, Deep-Cell Batteries

For more info on this excellent Solar battery, visit this link:

Charge Controller / Power Converter


The well-insulated power generation room/shed is 
located behind / below the barn, for super-quiet operation.

Wind Generator

Marine-Grade Whisper 200
Wind Generator / Wind Turbine

Product Specs and Info:

 The Windmill base structure was specially designed and engineered. 

Precision counter-balanced, rocker/hinge assembly, mid-way up its height.

Easy to rotate downward -- for the original mounting/installation of propeller, 

and for ease of any future inspection and/or maintenance:    

Also, inside the power generation shed:

       Electrical Panels, Breaker Boxes       


A diesel storage tank inside the generator shed is easily accessed for refilling,
through an installed marine-grade hatch door on the side of the structure.

The Power Generation Shed also includes an extra Laundry Room,
with washer and dryer, and a hot water heater and water pump. 

There is also a well-lighted workbench area inside for additional tools and storage.

Monitoring and Controlling the Electrical System

Inside the house, is a remote digital monitor display (wired to house, underground)
for reading  the batteries, and controlling the charging system.

And the quiet, Whisper Watt generator is easily activated, if needed,
by touching a single switch, conveniently located inside the house.



More  Features -- Energy & Grounds: